Moom alternative for Manjaro

This is a question for either KDE or Gnome as I’m running both (in case one crashes, I have the other). Is there something in either DE that mimics Moom that allows you to quickly put windows into preset positions? I can’t stand Pop Shell where it automatically tiles and moves things around so I immediately turn that off in Gnome. I want something that allows me to put something where I want it and for it to stay in that position on multiple monitors. Pygrid seems only to be for X11 so I’m guessing it won’t work all the time on Manjaro which is running, as far as I know, a combination of X11 and Wayland or even XWayland. I’m looking for something mouse based, not keyboard based.

Hi @bkarlan,

I can only speak for KDE, since that’s what I use. Look at its “Window rules” section in System Settings.

I use it to open programs in predefined positions, so it might do what you need.

Hope this helps!

Well, you’re out of luck on GNOME then. I believe KDE has one or two options.

One is either logged in to an X11 or Wayland session. XWayland is a compatibility layer for X applications running in a Wayland session.

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