Monitors displayed Incorrectly

I’ve had this issue for a while and I want to try to see if I can permanently fix it.

IDK if this sc will fully explain it, but pretty much whenever I boot into Linux my 2nd monitor’s screen is pushed to the right, leaving behind a block of black space and pushing my main monitor as well. If I go either into system settings or Nvidia X Server settings and just turn the monitor on and off again, it goes back to normal. I looked up some guides on YouTube for configuring Nvidia settings correctly, but that didn’t work either. I’m running the latest proprietary Nvidia drivers for a 3080. I’m going to keept trying stuff till it works so I appreciate any help given.

test arandr

sudo pacman -S arandr

Hello @Raging :wink:

Probably there is a conflict between NVIDIA’s Settings and Gnome’s Settings?

So guess the problem is the following: By default, the first screen is on the left and the second screen on the right. Gnome Settings default.

Then you configure it nvidia settings, but gnome settings doesn’t know about it.

So on start in sets the Gnome Settings and when you shut off the screen and power on it applies nvidia’s settings again.

Try the gnome settings instead?

I’m using KDE, not gnomw

@Raging Whatever gives you the kick. Your profile says something else:


and you didn’t provide any further information either, so it’s assumed you’re using Gnome. Your picture can very well be a modified gnome. :wink:

Anyway… you got my point?