Monitoring for packages demoted to AUR

It occurs rather often that manjaro overlay and or community package gets removed and you see it on aur instead. This is often unwanted. Does anyone know of a tool to monitor and warn for such demotions?

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Yeah, a package manager.
Edit: and/or an AUR helper.

You can use my unofficial update script to maintain Manjaro, which among other things checks for packages moved to the AUR.

Also worth checking out pacui system maintain function.

Interesting question…

From the archlinux perspective, there are mailing lists. You’ll see entries like this Spring Cleanup or this Spring Cleanup.

It’s time for the semi-yearly package cleanup of [community] packages, as is tradition.

From the manjaro perspective, I believe the Announcements - Test and Stable, might help. gitlab has RSS feeds, I’ve tried following repo/packages that way. I also follow @philm (and a few others) on this forum via RSS Feed.

It’ll be educational to follow this topic.