Monitor resolution incompatibility at login screen

I use FHD as primary and 1440x960 as secondary screen connected to my T440p. Connection have two adapters. e-DPI-> HDMI, HDMI->VGA convertor->monitor. This additional screen little old.

There is a little incompatibility on login screen. View little weird, although it’s no problem in terms of functionality. Can we fix this dark areas?

I can connect VGA directly which T440p have VGA port but this resolution incompatibility same.

Btw, I connect via this two adapter for use secondary screen at particular resolution and FPS.
This can not detect at 1400x960 instead detects1360x768 on original VGA connection and monitor prevent additional own specs over and below resolutions. Works properly only 1440x900x60fps.

Sorry, for terrible picture.

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