Monitor is blank until login. BIOS and GRUB not visible

When I boot my machine, the monitor remains blank - “no signal” through the entire boot.
It only turns on once Manjaro is fully loaded an the login screen is ready.

This wasn’t the case during Manjaro install - I was able to navigate bios and grub to boot my live usb. Through the whole OS config - lots of software installs and restarts, this problem came up. Hard to say what change made it happen and I’m sure I didn’t notice the first time it happened.

I tried switching to proprietary nvidia drivers, ditching nouveau using the mhwd tool

In nvidia-settings, my monitor appears to be the default monitor for all displaying.

That’s a hardware / firmware issue: Did this start happening after you upgraded your firmware or changed your hardware?
Your only recourse is contact your hardware / firmware manufacturer because there is nothing you can do from a Manjaro perspective to alleviate this problem…


Maybe maybe not …
This might just be ‘silent’ booting at work …
Try hitting Shift or Esc to bring up grub.

For changing … in /etc/default/grub you can check for whether grub is hidden, set delay seconds, possibly remove ‘quiet’, etc. Then run

sudo update-grub
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Not even a manufacturer logo nor a BIOS / UEFI Hey, I’m booting message?

Possible, but unlikely, but OTOH:

"How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable , must be the truth?”

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