Monitor gets disconnected when get to the login screen

Hello guys,
I am using Manjaro Xfce for 3 years now and I am loving it. Recently I bought a new monitor to use with a laptop. The setup seems to work fine while on work. But when get out of the session or I go to the lock screen my monitor got disconnected. The monitor remains disconnected until I login back in again. The monitor is connected via HDMI. Is there a way to eradicate this?
Thank you

I want monitor still remains connected in the lockscreen also

Lightdm service may be choosing wrong monitor, click here for archwiki solution

That’s assuming xfce edition uses lightdm, run systemctl status display-manager to be sure

My version is using a light-dm service. I followed the documentation but the
still, the monitor gets disconnected.

I use lightdm-webkit2-greeter for my lock screen. How to check the display number? will it be xrandr output. I also set that active-monitor parameter with HDMI-1-0 (as output by xrandr) (I set it in /etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf).

I also set active_monitor = HDMI1-0 in /etc/lightdm/lightdm-webkit2-greeter.conf ( _ here not - because I noticed there were _ in between names) . But stills it’s not working. I also restarted my laptop but still monitor gets disconnected in lock screen. Any other view @badbodh?

Though when I am logged in it seems like my monitor is the primary display as it prompted me while I was changing the desktop background. But this is not the case when I am in lock screen

Pastebin the following and share link.
xrandr output

This is my xranrdr output: xrandr output -
/etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf : [Seat:*]## General configuration## start-default-seat = True to always s -
/etc/lightdm/lightdm-webkit2-greeter.conf : ## [greeter]# debug_mode = Greeter theme debug mode.# detect_them -

see @badbodh

You only have Screen 0: on xrandr output. On your webkit greeter config, put active_monitor = 0
On your lightdm global config display-setup-script=xrandr --output HDMI-1-0 --primary looks alright.

probably because webkit greeter uses some exotic language, whereas gtk greeter uses C and css like other gtk stuff. Go check their source code if you can.

I tried using gtk greeter and change the active_monitor = 0 as here: [greeter]active-monitor=0background = /usr/share/backgrounds/walle/cropped-1 -
But still monitor gets disconnected in lock screen

paste the contents of this file

Disclaimer : I don't have a dual monitor setup to test these solutions, pastebin anything you change or add to your config files before saving them to disk and let us look at them. Click on this comment to see the links

Comment #6 : Bug #1082952 : Bugs : unity-greeter package : Ubuntu
Using LightDM with an External Monitor on a Laptop or with the Multi-monitor Setups

I followed the second link. As the command disables the laptop screen, my input gets laggy. Like mouse hovering is fine, but mouse click and keyboard strokes become laggy. There was no lag when I was just mirroring the display.

That’s a bummer. I’m out of ideas. Share the output of inxi -Gxx command. Barring the lag, did you get what you were looking for? That means we are close. Otherwise we may have to start from scratch.

You may try experimenting* for multihead setup. Make sure you undo the config changes made earlier, set all values to default before doing this.

*welcome to the learning curve, lol

Same issue.
After locking the screen. My monitor is disconnected and I need to reconnect the HDMI cable.

My input is laggy because it was using the Intel GPU. @imeepwni your may be you have the same issue. In my case, I have the latest Nvidia drivers and GPU works just fine. But it doesn’t seem to use. In some posts, people suggest to used Optimus-manager but it’s not stable I think.

Mirror screens work fine. But when I want to use only the HDMI display, I tried disabling the laptop screen (from the display menu). After doing that mouse hovering is fine and its response is good. But when I click something then it takes time to complete the action (Like if I click at close window icon, it takes 1/2 sec to light up the cross and after 1-sec window closes).