Mod+shift+<letter> stops working after setxkbmap

Hello. I’ve used setxkbmap to enable keyboard layout change. I added the following lines to my .i3/config

exec setxkbmap -layout ru,us
exec setxkbmap -model pc104
exec setxkbmap -option 'grp:alt_shift_toggle'

And the layout change works, but after that I cannot use mod+shift+(q or r) It ignores letters, but accepts numbers (strange).
Help me, please!

I believe it’s because your system is getting the characters as Russian (Cyrillic). So, ‘q’ is not ‘q’ anymore. Try switching to us keyboard and test the shortcuts… If your shortcuts work after switching layout to “us” you may need to assign new shortcuts when using “ru” layout.

Hope this helps.