Mmc1: controller never released inhibit bits

Pi4 8g. Tried linux-rc system won’t boot. Manjaro-chroot to restore linux-rpi4 and now this. What?

Also when I use my my other manjaro USB disk to boot with the main one plugged in it doesn’t automount anymore. Can chroot into it. Gparted sees it. Goofy

Config.text is gobbledygook in any text editor on both systems

linux-rc is the mainline kernel. So it only contains what has been upstreamed by the Raspberry Pi foundation for the Raspberry Pi.

If it does not work for you, you should stay on linux-rpi4.

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Trying very hard to go back. Isn’t working out.

If you can chroot, it should be easy to switch the kernel.

Otherwise you probably need to re-install.

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Yes. I did install the correct kernel. Still won’t boot.

Fixed the config.txt after running chdsk feature in gparted twice. Downgrading it to stable now. Will try to reboot in a few. Last reboot I got passed the topic error and have graduated to kernel panic. Might yet save this install.

Hey success! Now I just need to rebuild my config.text custom settings


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