Mkinitcpio.conf with empty MODULES line

Hi all,
I have a Nvidia card and I’m on wayland. Everything seems ok.
I switched to wayland adding nvidia_drm.modeset=1 nvidia_drm.fbdev=1 to grub. Nothing more.
Today I was reading about the fix for a black screen in case of kernel 6.9 + nvidia gpu + wayland and I read that nvidia_drm must be added to mkinitcpio.cong in the MODULES or HOOKS line. An example is made. MODULES=(nvidia nvidia_modeset nvidia-uvm nvidia_drm). The strange (maybe) fact is that my MODULES line in mkinitcpio.conf is empty!! Is it normal?

Thank you everyone!!

It’s empty in mine as well. So presumably it’s normal.

In fact, checking more closely, the only line with anything in it is the HOOKS line.

Adding to grub does not automatically add it to Modules in mkinitcpio.conf. Does adding it to GRUB have any effect? If you want it in mkinitcpio.conf for early loading of the driver(s), you need to manually add it as root and save the changes:

sudo xed /etc/mkinitcpio.conf  (I used xed here, but you should
 use whatever editor you are comfortable with; nano, mousepad, etc.)


sudo mkinitcpio -P   

Yes - MODULES is binaries which are added to the init for earliest possible availablitity.