[MJ GNOME] Error Bootloader Job [UEFI]

MSI Z170A XPOWER GAMING TITANIUM EDITION with latest BIOS and default settings.
Debian based working perfectly.
When installing Manjaro Gnome 17.0.2 in UEFI mode, on 90% i get bootloader error.
Update calamares to latest in LIVE, don’t help.
I tried to overcome the problem for more than 5 hours.
Try all methods, auto istall (Erase Disk) and manual partitioning.
There is no possibility to install in UEFI.
Only works with architect iso.
But need with GNOME iso.
I think installer something that does not.
P.S. Creating Bootable USB works(need flash only in DD) mode?
I’m using DD, because a lot of it was said that need write Manjaro only in DD.
Not my error, but error window same, only another strings. Can load my error on forum later.

You can try running Calamares installer from terminal and post the output
sudo -E calamares -d

PS: Sorry that it already took you 5 hours.

Ok, im on Windows, now flashing MJ on USB.
Write in terminal after error? Or start install with this command?

Start install with that command, then a graphical window you already know (too well :wink: ) will open.

Normal if USB with MBR for UEFI, or need GPT?
Can i flash from Windows with Rufus in ISO Mode? Or need DD?
Just Rufus developer write on the forum, maybe year ago, that there was some problem with Manjaro ISO mode.

GPT is the way to go. Else you get issues.
If Rufus then dd mode.

Ok, anyway Ultra ISO and Rufus force make MBR from GPT.
Rufus DD mode. (Sorry, DD not using MBR and GPT?)

This is not good. Better try to get it GPT. There is a dd utility for windows somewhere… here: http://www.chrysocome.net/dd

GPT = partition table.
DD using partition table? Before i guess not.

You are right, I was wrong. MBR partition table is OK for the USB stick. But for the HDD/SSD you install on use GPT to avoid issues.
Also have a look at the User Guide which is on the live system.

Can you just re-install the boot loader and see if it boots? So after you get that error in your other thread, restart and follow the wiki or tutorial to re-install grub. It seems like the installer is crapping out before grub actually gets installed properly.

Update: I have also read this thread where the conversation and problems seem to be related and maybe possible solution. https://forum.manjaro.org/t/kibojoe-linux-manjaro-linux-re-spin-with-jwm-version-information-17-09/21609/40?u=anika200

I write here later. Thanks.

Ok, second try in UEFI. Update Calamares to in Live.
Installation was successful, but impossible load in system.
This command helped me. anika200 also thanks.
sudo grub-install --target=x86_64-efi --efi-directory=/boot/efi --bootloader-id=manjaro --recheck --debug
From here Install Manjaro+UEFI and now I can't access my BIOS or boot from usb
I very hope in 17.0.3 installation will be perfectly.


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