MJ-Arm vs. Arch-Arm: which performs better on the Raspberry pi 3B+?


I’ve read somewhere that Arch-Arm performs better (faster) on the 3B+ than Raspbian, the OS that was originally made for the pi.

I have two questions:

  1. Does Arch-Arm also outperform MJ-Arm or are they fairly evenly matched?

  2. Would having a small pi 3B+ cluster (e.g. 2 x 3B+) improve the performance of either
    MJ-Arm or Arch-Arm on a setup being used as a mini desktop setup for admin and
    web-browsing purposes?

I’m holding out for the next pi release.
I’m hoping we’ll get USB 3.0 so that rapid booting and general operation from an SSD setup can be achieved, without the USB 2.0 limitation on connectivity (~35 MB/s), together with a possible increase in CPU power to 4 x 1.6GHz CPU would be really cool … dream on :heart_eyes:


Should be about the same, as they use the same base packages, with only slightly modified kernels.

If you can make them work as one, I guess so. But if they are just 2 rpi’s sharing the jobs, then no, I don’t think it will make a great improvement in performance.


Are Arch-arm and MJ-Arm already support for 3B+?


Should be. Arch-ARM uses an armv7h based image primarily, while Manjaro ARM is mainly aarch64 based on the rpi3.