Mix & paste distros

Hi all! I’m really not sure where this should be. I’ve had Manjaro installed on a thumb drive for almost a year. Haven’t had much opportunity to use it as I’d hoped, for many reason. Long story short, I finally pulled the distro out to update/upgrade to no avail. Is it possible to re-install on the same thumb drive either 1. With the same distro. 2. An updated version of the same distro, 3. A new distro, or 4. merge different distros on a drive while also retaining initial installation of sorts with updated software versions? Thanks in advance.

You can preserve HOME if it is on a separate partition.
Otherwise you can backup and reinstall.
Or you could fix your update issue.

Note that the config files in home might or might not cause issues if you use the old home with new OS or desktop environment.

I seem to have over 1000 possible updates on my distro Manjaro ARM. I keep getting the error message “can’t satisfy dependendies” even when attempting to single out software. How does one work around that?

If you have not used it for a year just reinstall whith the newest install media. There are far too many changes. You can restore it but it will take more time than reinstalling.

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Where are personal files stored? I don’t remember actually saving anything but there’s no telling what I may or may not have tried to experiment with.

Under /home/your-user-name.

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