Mistakenly mounted on windows partition and can't boot into windows


I am writing this post to ask for help or guidance on how i can fix my mistake. I am new here so please let me know if this post doesn’t belong here.

Ok so what was I trying to do:

I have a laptop that’s running win 10 with 1 Terabyte harddrive. I wanted to dual boot manjaro along side windows so i created 200 GB of unallocated space. Created an bootable usb and booted into the installer. Once i got to the mounting section i did not see the 200gb i freed initially for manjaro, but my hand was too quick and i clicked mount on the actual windows partition (~750gb) i am 100% sure i selected do not format. Then i saw a message that said mounted successfully. At that moment i knew i messed up. I exited the install and restarted my laptop. Removed usb. And got grub cli in which i typed exit and got another my usual menu in which i select windows (this is because i used to dual boot fedora and removed it recently) but when i selected windows 10 the laptop was stuck on a black screen.

I’d like to ask if it’s possible to recover from my situation or have i lost my data ?

Please let me if more information is needed.
I can always boot back into the usb and type commands in manjaros terminal. I 'm fairly comfortable with shell.

If anyone would want compensation for helping me i dont mind that as i need access to my school work very soon. Thank you so much.
I hope to get to using manjaro soon.

Before you try t repair Windows, you should rescue your data from this partition.

Hi and welcome to the forum :+1:

As you didn’t mention which iso and what install type you used it’s hard to tell.
But assuming it only “mounted” the W10 partition nothing should have changed…

The reason why you have problems with the grub could be because it is missing it’s config.

Try to boot into your W10 using the UEFI-BIOS boot menu instead of the one from Grub…

Thanks for the offer, but that’s not how things work around here in the Linux comunity (and you should stay away from those that accept payments) :wink: