Missing updpkgsums (probably since February 21-22, 2024 upgrade)

Hi. Summary: Missing updpkgsums, most likely since the big update on February 21-22 (2024).

I’m sure I have had updpkgsums installed through Pamac. I don’t remember how exactly I’ve installed it, but I don’t think I’ve configured any special repository or any tricks for that. But now updpkgsums is not on my path (as an ordinary user, neither as root). And Pamac search can’t find it.

The only conflict I had on Feb 21-22 big upgrade was about manjaro-bashrc, and I’ve accepted the new bashrc package.

Both Pamac, and sudo pacman -Syuw show no pending changes (other than warning: gnome-wallpapers: local (20201023-1) is newer than extra (20201020-2)).

(I also have manjaro-chrootbuild, installed from ‘extra’ repo, updated on Thu 25 Jan 2024. Both updpkgsums and sudo chrootbuild -p bin32-firefox -n have worked together well. And I don’t have any other packages built manually, other than bin32-firefox).

What could be missing/done/gone wrong? Or what commands/steps to investigate, please?

You can search yourself which package provides whatever file. E.g.:

sudo pacman -Fy # update database
pacman -Fx updpkgsums
# or in one go
sudo pacman -Fyx updpkgsums
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You’re missing pacman-contrib package.


Wer (Announcements) lesen kann ist klar im Vorteil :wink:

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