Missing system sounds in Plasma (oxygen-sounds) - again

Again Oxygen sounds were broken but this time I can't find the place in settings where I could set those sounds. As I recall, they were in Notifications but now it all looks different so I have no clue where to look. Any idea?

EDIT: I found it... sort of. There is the setting for Power management but I can't find anything for system events like session startup or changing the volume level from the keyboard.

The problem is, oxygen ogg files are there but nothing plays, every sound is mute (there is sound in movies or music), even sounds from other (non oxygen) files, so the whole Notification sounds are broken.

In notifications, select the application you want, then select configure Events.
Is that what you're looking for?

I simply can not find how to set an overall sound scheme in Plasma settings. It's really annoying.

Yes, however there is no event sounds for some system events that are not power related.

Anyway, mystery is solved, system sounds are back and the culprit was... vlc. Whenever I run any video with vlc I can't watch at the same time YT videos (they are paused and won't run untill vlc is turned off). It looks like the same event was (is) with system sounds. Whenever I have video in vlc (even paused) there is no system sounds. When I turn vlc off, I get some delayed sounds that waited in the queue...

It is as if vlc was keeping the sound hostage and no other sound was possible at the same moment. This issue is not happening with SMPlayer or other media sources.

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weird, what version of vlc are you running? I have clementine youtube and vlc playing sounds concurrently, whitout blocking each other.

Just the regular version from the repo but I always had issues with the sound in vlc. In the past I installed some alternative packages but they made it even worse and influenced the video itself. When I got rid of them, the sound and video are OK with that tiny exception that it holds other sounds hostage.

I guess I had to experiment with sound settings but since there are so many settings in vlc and I have so bad experience with that, I'm not in hurry to check it...

EDIT: I did check it and... it was quite simple. I changed from alsa to pulseaudio and the hold up issue is gone :slight_smile:

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