Missing RAR package in pamac

Just need a command-line port of the rar compression utility because of its unique redundancy and recovery feature. The package is available in Arch AUR repository, but why it is not available in Manjaro pamac AUR? It would be great to get this useful utility there.

There is no difference. The AUR is the AUR. :man_shrugging:

If it doesn’t show up in the Pamac GUI, then you’ll need to refresh your package list. Or you can simply install it via the command line… :arrow_down:

pamac build rar
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The issue was that pamac has not seen the “rar” package. It is probably because of a conflict with the already installed package “unrar”.

As a workaround i have just taken the standard yay and installed the “rar” package from the command line. During the installation yay detects a conflict with already installed package “unrar” that must be de-installed first. After this procedure “rar” package is appearing also under pamac in the list of installed AUR packages.

pamac would have done the same thing. :wink: