Missing Python 2 AUR Packages

After update using pacman I got the following message from yay:

[xxx@xxx ~]$ yay -Sua --devel
:: Searching AUR for updates...
:: Checking development packages...
 -> Missing AUR Packages:  python2-asn1crypto  python2-cachecontrol  python2-cffi  python2-chardet  python2-colorama  python2-distlib  python2-distro  python2-html5lib  python2-lockfile  python2-pep517  python2-pip  python2-ply  python2-progress  python2-pycparser  python2-pyopenssl  python2-requests  python2-resolvelib  python2-retrying  python2-urllib3  python2-webencodings
 -> Orphaned AUR Packages:  python2-cryptography  python2-enum34
 there is nothing to do
[xxx@xxx ~]$ 

The “missing” packages are installed as far as I can see. Bug in yay?

Probably the message means that those packages are installed but they are no longer in the AUR or repositories.


And maybe related with cleaning python 2 packages.

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Have cleaned it up by:

sudo pacman -Rsn python2-pip python2-lockfile

No. Yay could neither find those packages in the repos nor the AUR as they no longer exist. They were dropped from the repos as part of the Python 2 cleanup. See Arch Linux - Todo: Conversion of programs that use Python 2 to Python 3

Missing AUR Packages package installed but not in repos or aur (not always aur packages : can comes from an old personal repo … from a personal PKGBUILD)

in my archlinux, i have an app installed by pacman -U :

    Missing AUR Packages:  matray

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