Missing PGP Keys into Discord installation


I’m trying to install discord. But seems some pgp keys are missing:

==> Validando source arquivos com sha512sums…
llvm-7.0.0.src.tar.xz … Passou
llvm-7.0.0.src.tar.xz.sig … Ignorada
libcxx-7.0.0.src.tar.xz … Passou
libcxx-7.0.0.src.tar.xz.sig … Ignorada
libcxxabi-7.0.0.src.tar.xz … Passou
libcxxabi-7.0.0.src.tar.xz.sig … Ignorada
==> Verificando assinatura de arquivo fonte com gpg…
llvm-7.0.0.src.tar.xz … FALHOU (chave pública desconhecida 0FC3042E345AD05D)
libcxx-7.0.0.src.tar.xz … FALHOU (chave pública desconhecida 0FC3042E345AD05D)
libcxxabi-7.0.0.src.tar.xz … FALHOU (chave pública desconhecida 0FC3042E345AD05D)
==> ERRO: Uma ou mais assinaturas PGP não puderam ser verificadas!
==> ERRO: Makepkg não conseguiu compilar libc++.

I did a:
sudo pacman-key --refresh-keys --keyserver pgp.mit.edu

Got the new keys but:
llvm-7.0.0.src.tar.xz, libcxx-7.0.0.src.tar.xz and libcxxabi-7.0.0.src.tar.xz.

Are still unsigned, what am I missing?


Did you try gpg --recv-keys 0FC3042E345AD05D in a Terminal window?


Yes this was my first attempt.

 history | tail -n20
  266  pacman -Syu
  267  pacdiff
  268  pacman-key --init
  269  gpg --recv-key 0FC3042E345AD05D
  270  gpg --recv-key 0FC3042E345AD05D
  271  gpg --recv-key 0FC3042E345AD05D
  272  yaourt -Ss discord
  273  yaourt -Ss discord

Try this in a Terminal window:
gpg --keyserver pgp.mit.edu --recv-keys A2C794A986419D8A

Also, a tutorial that may help you install Discord can be found here:


Or use the flatpak version

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@jonathon I did receive those keys with no success on the final output.


Like me, sincerely.


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