Missing package davfs2 in repository

For mounting an webdav-drive I have to install davfs2.([root tip] [How To] systemd mount unit samples) But I don’t see davfs2 in PAMAC and can’t install it with $ sudo pacman -S davfs2.
Any help will be appreciated!

KDE Plasma 5.25.5
MANJARO 5.15.74-3

The package was removed from the repository. It is now in the AUR, if you really want to install it.

pamac build davfs2
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thanks for the suggestion!

Is there another way to mount a WebDAV-resource then a systemd mount-unit and davfs2 ?

For example with gio mount that uses fuse. It is basically what a file-manager would use. Probably not better, just completely different. Since I’m not using KDE, I don’t know the name for the gio counterpart in KDE. But a gio (fuse) mount can be start with a systemd service (doesn’t need to be a user service).

However there is nothing wrong with using the AUR. Just understand the pros and cons.