Missing Newbies

Hello, I think you missed out on the Newbie Category.
Would be helpful indeed to keep newbie problems separated out from the mainstream



The old newbies is called now Support. Is suited for everyone.


Well, this will make sense for an experienced forum member.
But I’m afraid new (to forum, to Manjaro, …) users might feel a bit lost.
The previous ‘Newbie’ section seemed to me a great way to start.
Also I remember the old distinction: If you expect a step-by-step assistance post in Newbies, otherwise in ‘Technical support’


The thing is that plenty of newbies already post in wrong categories, and it happened in the old forum too where after a couple of discussions with links, while the post was under technical assistance the OP said:
i'm completely new, how do i do this and that?
So, all will be asked for the same information, and we will provide the same set of commands and sources of wiki/how to/tutorials :slight_smile:


agree the newbie section needs to be restored.


I absolutely see your point.
And I agree that the present categories (without separate ‘Newbie’) are more consistent.

I just wondered about the easiest way a new forum member gets started.
cscs’s post ‘How to provide good information’ is very instructive and nicely pinned.
But I remember there was something similar, directed especially to newbies.
Perhaps this can also be excavated from the old forum.

Edit: Now I found it


The solution summed up:

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The argument for the newbie corner is that it’s less scary. To many forums where you just get a ‘RTFM’ or ‘google it’ instead of a friendly answer.


There is no need for Newbies corner, all user are equal and don’t need a label for their skill level, their skill level is also irrelevant for other users and anyone can tell if someone is a “beginner” by the kind of question they post.

Besides if I am doing something new then I am a beginner and would have to post in that section all the time since I try new things everyday that I know nothing about.

I totally understand that, but A newbie section could also be the hunting ground for trolls.


I have to disagree, when I started using Manjaro, migrating from Mint, I found it to be a safe spot. I could ask a question without getting some negativity back. Just look at the arch forum for an example of how newbies get treated in some places :wink:


I think the general idea is that the whole forum should be so friendly that a newbie section is not needed. Comparing the Manjaro forum to the Arch forum might not make much sense anyway. I mean I think it’s clear that most people on this forum are in support of a more friendly than Arch forums aproach.


Negativity is out from this forum.
Everyone that posts here should be treated with respect, and give back the same respect. Can’t be more simple than that :slight_smile:


Any issues you click the red flag.

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Maybe a middle ground solution would be to have some kind of “tutorial”-message from discobot after registration where threads like “new to the forum” or “how to give good information” are collected and asking “stupid” questions is encouraged/the fear of looking noobish or get backlash is taken away?

Given the customs in other forums i can totally understand if some newcomers keep their questions to themselfes to not get shouted at.


We welcome everyone in our forums. Putting people in categories I’m simply against it. It doesn’t matter what your skill is. It matters if you are interesting and explore new stuff. Also there are no stupid questions. If we have too many recurring questions, we may write a wiki about that problem and how to solve it. Quote the needed part out of it and link the full info to the wiki in the users post. Also we should try to point them into the right direction and help them to help themselves.

For me there is no need for a dedicated Newbies section as we created the forum in the proper categories so it is easy to be found were to go and find the needed information.


Removing the Newbie & Off-topic sections were the best calls you could make. Newbie corner was actually a bit of a mess in the old forum, consisting of various topics, some difficult to categorize as “true newbie” ones, with a spectrum of low to high skill leveled answers, essentially creating 2 places for support. I applause.

I’m kinda newbie too, but I’d agree with the decision this time. from the old forum, there’s a lot of posts from newbies, some unanswered, some duplicates, which is a mess.

I only like to suggest that posts never closes, so that whenever a newbie like me needs help and found a solution from an older post by another user, I could directly comment additional questions from their post, rather than creating another new post. This also helps right?

No, hijacking or necro-bumping an old thread is frowned upon on forums everywhere.

It’s best to create your own thread and reference the other post.

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Especially when whilst the symptoms might be similar, since so many things can and do change with rolling or bleeding edge distros like Manjaro, the actual cause of a problem is likely to be different after a few months anyway. And if it isn’t, requiring a new thread be posted will end up indicating that the issue is still relevant.

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I see your point, just in my experience from other forums I am into, you should always make use of the search button. 2 or more people having the same problem could be help in just one post is not a bad thing and less clutter. but hey, you guys are the admin, I just follow. :+1: I’ll stop here, thanks… :smiley: