Missing menu entries for settings after upgrading to Manjaro Qonos

Hello everyone

I had installed manjaro October and it was running perfectly fine.

Now i have upgraded from Manjaro Pahvo to Manjaro Qonos and im having issues(multiple settings missing).

How can I downgrade my manjaro version?


i don’t think you can downgrade your system to a previous version once updated. you might want to grab a new image for manjaro pahvo in your case and do a fresh install and never update. Downloading File /xfce - Manjaro ISO Archive - OSDN

You can’t. Manjaro is a rolling release Distro. :neutral_face:



What issues? It would be better to fix things rather than trying to downgrade.


@Tech11 can you be more specific on which settings you’re missing?


Since i updated from Pahvo to Qonos, I am missing a lot of settings such as appearance settings, keyboard shortcuts, display settings etc

Do you mean that your settings have been removed? Or that you don’t have the new settings?

Geeze in which desktop environment? See the post above mine.

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Sorry i was frustrated
So im using Manjaro xfce latest version
im on HP Pavillion 14 with nvidia drivers(GeForce 940mx)
Usually when i right click on my desktop, theres a menu and in that menu there are my display, appearance customization etc…
now when i right click, i can no longer see them.
Also, i cannot see where i can change my keyboard shortcuts. i cannot find those settings.

some of my settings are here, some are not.

may i know what new settings are there?

So missing Menu entries to configuration settings, rather than missing settings.
This is not necessarily abnormal:

  • packages providing configuration settings might have been removed if now unnecessary
  • configuration settings might have been exfiltrated to new packages, not automatically installed if unnecessary
  • configuration settings might have been fused into others
  • its menu entry might have been moved to another category
  • and so on…

It seems you indeed lack the usual Xfce settings entries. Do you have xfce4-settings installed?

yes i do have xfce4-settings installed.
i have found the required settings(appearance, display, etc…), it was in my whisker menu. However i still dont understand why it doesnt show up when i right click

AFAIK the desktop menu and Whisker use the same entries, weird indeed… :thinking:

I’ll put this documentation, maybe something will inspire you.

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okayy i will try that…
if it doesnt work, i might do a reinstallation