Missing libriares for compilation Digital Speech Decoding software for SDR

I have just started playing and experimenting with my new SDR toy and I found a pretty interesting piece of software. It is Digital Speech Decoder ( DSD) . It has to be built from sources, and this isn’t a problem. The first two modules were built without problems, but there is a problem with the main program. To build it additional libraries are necessary and of course I cannot find even a trace. Those libraries are:
libsndfile1-dev fftw3-dev liblapack-dev portaudio19-dev
Could you guys help me with missing pieces?

All dependencies are in repositories. I found them for you :wink:

pamac install libsndfile fftw lapack portaudio

Edit: I also found DSD in AUR so you probably don’t need to compile it from sources.


thank you. different names for the same libraries.
dsd from aur doesn’t build. quite a lot of errors. managed to build dsd from sources and looks like it is working or at least starting. will try to pipe some data in to it from local digital repeater :slight_smile:

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