Missing icons in top bar


The top bar (or task bar?) of my Manjaro machine has missing icons. Some of the missing icons are Dropbox (that otherwise is working OK), the tile windows, and the package manager icons.

According to \etc\lsb-release, I installed the following Manjaro release:


I have another machine with the same Manjaro release installed, where I can see the icons in the top bar.

I have an image comparing both task bars, but I’m not allowed to upload images or add links.

One difference between the two machines is that I installed Manjaro like one year ago in the one where I can see the icons, while in the one with missing icons I installed Manjaro like one month ago.

Any idea about what might be the problem?

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Do you have the AppIndicator and KstatusNotifierItem Support extension enabled? it’s installed by default (gnome-shell-extension-appindicator).

Thank you for your answer!

I think I have the AppIndicator extension installed. If I go to the link in extensions(dot)gnome(dot)org (I still can’t include links here :slight_smile: )it appears as installed. However, I still can’t see the missing icons in the top bar.

Extensions installed to the system should not be managed from the website. Open the Extensions application instead and make sure it’s enabled.

Thank you again!

I enabled the AppIndicator using the extensions application. Now I can see the Pacman Updates Indicator!

However, I still can see the Dropbox indicator. I just installed another program that uses an indicator and I can see it. So it seems this is Dropbox specific problem. Maybe I should start a new thread about this specific problem.


After restarting the machine, now I can see the Dropbox icon! Thank you @Yochanan !

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