Missing gesture on my touchpad

I switched from Windows 10 to Manjaro KDE months ago, but there are some differences I have yet to adjust to. On Windows (using the precision touch driver), when I select something by double-tapping and drag, and my finger hits the edge of the touch surface, the cursor would continue moving. This feature is absent here, which can be frustrating when I physically cannot reach all of what I want to select.

I installed Touchegg which adds a pinch-to-zoom gesture which was also absent by default, but it doesn’t seem to have this feature.

Is there another package that has this feature, or is it not possible?

Do you mean the package caled libinput-gestures?

I need a screencast of this, as your description is not intuitively understood by me.

which is why KDE invent the Alt+drag. While Alt is pressed, you can drag any part of a visible window, even if it’s just 1x1 pixels.

Install libinput-gestures then add this config. Alternatively, since KDE has Zoom desktop effects built-in, you can also bind its global shortcut as in this screenshot:

You can install gestures as well if you don’t like fiddling with text file configuration and prefer GUI one.

They do the same thing. I did end up installing that one instead though

I’ll describe the behavior in more detail

I can double-tap to drag (or select text) in both OSes without issue. Sometimes, there’s not enough space on the trackpad to drag far enough, so my finger hits the edge of the trackpad. On Windows, the cursor would continue in a straight line to allow me to continue dragging when I have no more room on the trackpad, until I pull my finger away from the edge to stop it.

On KDE, when I reach the edge of the trackpad, the cursor stops. A similar solution exists where if you lift your finger quickly you can continue dragging, but I find this cumbersome.

I tried getting a screencap of the behavior on Windows, but it doesn’t illustrate what I mean very well.

I’m not sure what you mean by this

I know what you mean now. It usually orrcurs to me when I use touchpad. Most time I will use mouse to avoid that problem.

It’s the reason I asked for a screencast, as I didn’t quite get what you mean previously. Now that you’ve added the explanation I finally understand.

I don’t think there’s any user level solution for that as of now. As you’ve found out:

this is the way KDE developers think it should be done. Perhaps you can make a feature request, but as usual, no guarantee when or even will it be implemented.

Ok, thanks for the help guys!

I test the function on win10 on my friend’s lattop. Just like you say it will auto scoll down. While I change to Manjaro, it will stop.

A temp solution: Set the touchpad scroll by edge. Then you can choose text long than a touchpad can choose. The bad point is you need to use another hand to scroll

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