Missing fonts in snap NordPass

Good afternoon. I am using manjaro openbox testing. I’ve been using the NordPass app to manage passwords for a couple of days. The browser extensions work perfectly but the snap has empty boxes instead of fonts. I’ve been in contact with the support but after deleting, reinstalling and emptying the cache it hasn’t improved. I ask here just in case there may be something else I can try.
Thanks a lot
sudo rm -f /var/cache/fontconfig/*
rm -f ~/.cache/fontconfig/*

I do have the same problem with NordPass on i3 but I haven’t found an answer yet, wondering if you are using a custom font?

Hi, now I am using Mabox with default fonts. I wrote to Nordpass support and sent the the logs they requested. They told me their developers are looking into it.

Any updates on this :smiley: ?

I’ve reinstalled many times, now it is working ok in manjaro xfce testing.