Missing extensions tab in gnome-tweaks and cannot see custom gnome-shell theme after installing Manjaro using Architect/Custom

as above.

  1. I’m missing the ability to use custom Gnome shell theme. I’m guessing I need to install a package but I don’t know which one. I’ve search the list of packages but nothing stands out.

  2. I have installed gnome-tweaks BUT I cannot find the “extension” tab so I can configure dash-to-dock. perhaps I need to install another package?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Gnome has now the extensions application.
    sudo pacman -S extensions

  2. Install manjaro-gnome-assets in case you have issues with some extensions, and/or just enable user-themes in the Extensions app.

so bellow ?


It has been intentionally removed, because after 3.36 update it became unstable and it gained it’s own app, which works much better than tweaks ever did. Dash-to-dock comes pre-installed with gnome-edition.