Missing Button 2 and Button 3 on touchpad

Hi folks,

I am running Manjaro for about 4 years on my Lenovo Yoga Slim7 whithout any problems.

This week, all of a sudden, I am missing Button-2 and Button-3 events on the touchpad.

When I start xev to listen to to the input events there are only Button-1 events reported regardless the positiion where I pressed the touchpad to trigger the event. There is also no difference in tapping the Touchpad or pressing it until click.

I alread cross-checked the hardware by booting a current Ubuntu Live USB-Stick. Ubuntu 24.04 does recognize the positions correctly when clicking different areas on the touchpad.

The problem is also not related to my user profile. I create a new user and loggedd in with it’s account. xev also only sees Button-1 events.

What else can I check to get it working again?

Thank you vor any help!