Missing AUR packages manjaro-firmware


when i try to update my AUR packages it shows the following message:

$ yay -Sua
:: Searching AUR for updates
-> missing AUR packages: manjaro-documentation-en manjaro-firmware

I occurs since my last full distribution update using pacman. Especially the missing firmware package makes me a little bit nervous. Does anybody know what to do? Actually, i just don’t have the time myself to search the net for a fast solution…



Have a look at the announcements and the replies there:


He doesn’t have time.

If you don’t have time to search for solutions, you probably shouldn’t be running Linux. Have you considered Mac/MacOS?

Time got wasted last night in a Loop Pub, drinking relativity from a space bottle. :rofl:


Hi there,

Thank you. I must have overseen this post. Maybe because my searching keywords weren’t matching good enough.

You can make fun of it. But it is what it is.

No i haven’t. Unfortunately, i’m not extraordinary rich to buy Apple products for thousands of bucks :wink:
Plus, i’m using Linux over a decade know. But it was Debian based until this year. Therefore, i’m very comfortable with the apt package manager. pacman and the AUR, on the other hand, are relativley new for me. Thats why i got confused.


it really was just that bit that got people … by surprise :wink:

and prompted the responses that you got

… choose your words wisely
someone somewhere sometime said :wink:


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