Minor question about display of available networks

I’m using KDE Plasma and have a questsion of small signficance.

Under the networks icon, where it lists the available networks from which to choose, is it possible to set it to show only my own network instead of every one for which it detects any signal?

I realize that I can set a search criteria that can limit what is shown but is there a setting somewhere to do so?

It’s not an important issue, of course, but about 30 show up in the list and often times my own router is the last to appear; and, when you see what names are given to the connections by their owners, you start to wonder what is in the minds of the people that live within that immediate distance of you.

Thank you.

You missed to inform us whether you use wifi or LAN. If you use LAN just uncheck the wifi box in that window.

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I’m referring to what is displayed for wifi. Thanks.