Minor issue with dual-language keyboard installation

There is a minor issue with installation of a dual-language keyboard. In my case it’s for installing a Hebrew keyboard on a Raspberry Pi4 MATE system, but I assume the issue is more general.
Hebrew (and I assume other) dual language keyboards can toggle between a US standard keyboard and the second language keyboard using a chosen key combination (for instance SHIFT-CONTROL). The actual key combination used for toggling can be chosen in the keyboard layout preferences section in the Control Centre.
However, if the Hebrew keyboard layout is chosen during installation, there does not appear to be any default toggle-key combination and Hebrew, quite reasonably, is the default version set up, with no apparent way to toggle to the US keyboard. The problem is that the next page of the installation is for setting up the user name, passwords, etc., and there is no way to enter this information using the US keyboard, which I need to do for various reasons.
Of course, the way round this is to go back and install the US keyboard, and then add the Hebrew keyboard, including toggle key, in the Control Centre, after installation.
Nevertheless, I think that this situation could be confusing, especially for first-time installers. I think that the ideal solution would be to install the keyboard with a default toggle-key combiantion, and to note the key combination on the screen, so that the user can choose which keyboard to use during the remainder of the installation.

Yeah, you need to add a secondary layout in the settings of your DE, in your case MATE, and a hotkey to swap it.

The Calamares setup does not have an option for dual-layout, as far as I know.


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