Minor feedback on User Guide web page.

I was browsing through the site and came to the user guide page. https://manjaro.org/support/userguide/

Maybe I'm not the smartest person, but when I came to this page, my first instinct was to click the items listed under the Icons.

It took me about 30 seconds to realize I needed to click the orange buttons on the top.

Its not a huge deal but I figured maybe there could be a way to make it more obvious, or to provide interactivity via the items in the list.

Thanks for the amazing distro.


@codesardine ? Maybe you can explain better.
cheers...and welcome to the forum @limitunknown.

Yes, the orange buttons seems a little small in comparison to the pictures below.

It's not just you. I think that most any user would have the same instinct.

The items below the icons do appear as though they should be hyperlinked to content within the User Guide. However, since the user User Guide is a PDF, hyperlinking from outside the document is not possible.

Ideally, a version of the user User Guide would be available also in HTML format, which would allow hyperlinking from outside the document, and from this landing page in particular.

I agree the page is a bit confusing - didn't realise it was a PDF.

Just one minor point:

"We cover the topics bellow in this guide:"

It should probably be below rather than bellow. :slightly_smiling_face:


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There's a repeated word here:

Our Team and and Community

Also, the apostrophe and comma in the sentence are incorrect. Perhaps this wording would be less awkward:

Our Team and Community proudly present to you the Manjaro User Guide: Over 100 pages with nearly everything a new or advanced user can learn about Manjaro. We cover all of the topics below:

Edit: Added suggested rewording.

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That needs to be fixed at some point, those lists below the buttons only describes the content found in the user guide.


I did the same thing; clicked the words, then clicked the pictures, then stared at the screen for a bit, before my eyes rested on the orange buttons.
Orange has always been a sort of :no_entry::mega: warning :fire::boom::cry::broken_heart::broken_heart: colour for me, so maybe subconsciously, they weren't my first choice.

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