Minimum set of packages

i came across a page not too long ago regarding how to pare manjaro down to the absolute minimum set of packages, something akin to mark all the dependent packages and then remove all of something. i’m trying to find that page again, maybe someone can help me find it, or just how to do it? i want sshd, bash, grub, pacman, a kernel, whatever all they depend on, maybe something i’m not thinking of, and nothing else.

There is no instructions as to how you strip down a Manjaro system.

But there is several topics on how to create your own ISO and there is topics on doing a manual installation.

The manual installation will give you what you want.

Manjaro does not even provide a server/headless ISO…
Besides starting from any Minimal ISO and stripping it down, maybe the Arch installation process can be adapted to install a bare Manjaro instead, though you would require good knowledge… Or, maybe easier: install Arch, and then change all the targeted repositories to Manjaro.

found it: ArchWiki:Pacman:Tips_and_tricks:Removing_everything_but_essential_packages

for me that boils down to:

mark all packages as installed as dependencies:

pacman -D --asdeps $(pacman -Qqe)

mark essential packages as explicitly installed:

pacman -D --asexplicit bash grub htop sudo pacman openssh procps-ng logrotate libevent linux516 systemd systemd-sysvcompat manjaro-system manjaro-release manjaro-hotfixes man-db man-pages texinfo

remove packages not required by the above:

pacman -Qttdq|pacman -Rns -

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