Minimizing full-screen game with Alt+Tab so my wife thinks I'm working


I’m working at a home-office regime, and while I work for 7.5h and play for 0.5h on my 8h work shift, my wife always enter the office at the half hour I’m playing a game, and thinks I keep doing this all day.

Every time I try to quickly Alt+Tab to bring up some code editor to look like I’m working, but the Alt+Tab on a full-screen game on Linux works differently than, say, on Windows:

Expected behavior:

  • The game minimizes
  • Some other window shows up
  • If there are no windows on that Desktop, it shows the desktop instead

Actual behavior:

  • The game loses focus, freeing my mouse pointer to click another window on the taskbar
  • However, the game is not minimized, it’s still showing on the screen until I click another window

Is it possible to change this behavior, so that when I hit Alt+Tab, the full-screen game is completely minimized to the task bar?

Thanks for understanding guys.

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Try to create an “activity in KDE” with its assigned shortcut, say “Windows+Tab” so while in your break time you can switch to the main Activity… I don’t really know how it behaves with your game but it’s worth a try.

From what I have seen each activity can have its own “environment and desktop”; I don’t think the sound is muted automatically.


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