Minimize idle battery usage

I’m running Manjaro KDE in my laptop and i wanna know if i could do something to automatically minimize power usage when idle for a determined period of time.

I recommend auto-cpufreq from the AUR

Automatic CPU speed and power optimizer.

Can it completely replace cpupower? Does it maximize the cpu performance under heavy loads?

I agree, however it locks up my Dell Inspiron 5575 with a Ryzen 5 2500U but is working fine so far on my System76 Serval WS with a Ryzen 7 3700X. Your mileage may vary. The devs couldn’t reproduce the lockup.

EDIT: Forgot to mention TLP is already installed by default normally and no fiddling is required. Auto-CPUFreq works fine with it, you’ll only need to change a couple things if you have an Intel CPU. It’s mentioned in the README.

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Also this…

That’s a decent guide, however most people will get confused about the grub parameters that usually aren’t needed.

That guide isnt supposed to be followed each section and entry in totality.
As to the grub options … the ipv6 and watchdogs are ones I might use.

Of course, but someone that doesn’t know that won’t know that. :wink:

Adding advanced flags to the GRUB configuration file

This section IS NOT FOR NEWBIES. You need to know what hardware you’ve and set properly setup.

You can put up so many signs… but you are right … you cant make em read.

It might not be as effective as some of the other suggestions here but as you’ve mentioned you’re running KDE; there are the settings under power management in the system settings you can adjust if you haven’t already.