Minimalist wallpapers


Here are a couple wallpapers I made after watching a documentary on artist Carmen Herrera. The first one was directly inspired by “Equation” from 1958, but the second one is all mine. (I also have these in vector format if anyone should want them.)


nice, really like the 2nd one


Excellent! I have been looking for an awesome login screen wallpaper. The 1st one flips-da-bill perfectly. Kudos!!!


Thanks, @solus667 and @jspoonamore!


super coolllllllllllllll

vlw fwi, Holmes :slight_smile:


The second one is super awesome.:heart_eyes:
Can you link to the vector versions?


As requested… both may be found here


Here’s a new one:


Crazy good looking!


Thank you, @RobertTVarga!


Non-branded but uses some familiar colors found in various Manjaro themes and wallpapers