Minimal bash, and can't fix grub

Recently I decided to get rid of the entire dual boot aspect of my system, and now I’m running purely Manjaro (16.04 fresh xfce). However, after trying to edit the grub config so that I could fix the baytrail issues I updated grub, and restarted my system. I got minimal bash on my screen, so I fired up the live cd and tried to fix it on my own. I removed the part of it that I edited in hopes it would be fixed, but I was unable to update grub. Any ideas?

Bit of info, I have three partitions for Linux. Boot, Swap & Root. My “root” main partition is encrypted using LUKS, works well however I have no idea if that is one of the issues.

Do you have UEFI or BIOS?

I’m fairly certain I have UEFI.

If UEFI, you should have EFI System Partition. It should be mounted as /boot/efi for grub to work properly.

I’m not the greatest with Linux, any tips on how to do this?

If your computer had Windows 8 or 10 it had EFI System Partition. It stores files necessary to start bootloader. When you installed Manjaro you was to keep that partition. You said now there are only three partitions: boot, root and swap. So what happend to EFI partition?

If you want simple solution, just reinstall Manjaro. If you want to dig deeper, try to recall, what have you done before this problem.

I installed Manjaro and picked the remove everything from system (forgot the actual text) option, before this problem all I did was edit the grub file to add an option after quiet splash, then everything started to happen.

What messages do you see now when you boot?

Also read this

Maybe it will help

I was explaining what I was doing before all this started happening, I’d prefer not to have to reinstall Manjaro a second time but I’ll do it if it’s the only thing that’ll work.

I would like to see black on white what did u really do. So please paste somewhere your journal file. You can find it in /var/log directory.

Checked there, don’t know how to get the clean text of the file as it just shows unicode and what not.

If it helps anyone, here’s the error I’ve been getting.
/usr/bin/grub-probe: error: failed to get canonical path of `overlay’.

after trying to update grub.

If you were able to edit out the bad config from /etc/default/grub but not able to update grub simply press “e” on the grub selection screen to edit the line for single boot, then when in system make sure grub is set properly and run “sudo update-grub”.

That’s my problem, there is no grub selection screen. I get directed to minimal bash, I have no idea what to do there.

It is not so clear. Can you be more specific? Are there any messages during boot?

Maybe they mean something like this :

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