Minecraft on Pinebook?

I have just installed KDE 19.06 on my new Pinebook and now I'm wondering how to get Minecraft going, because trying to install the minecraft-launcher from AUR results in the error message "minecraft-launcher is not available for aarch64 architecture".

Any ideas?

You can try editing the PKGBUILD's arch=("x86_64") line to say arch=("x86_64" "aarch64") and then try building it.

You could also download the launcher.jar and run it directly; you don't need to install a package.

Tried that, it seemed to build just fine, but it's not working. When trying to start minecraft-launcher it says something like "Can not execute the binary: Error in the format of the program file".

The 'source' are CPU specific to x86_64
and builded with Electron, will never work

Have you tried to use Minecraft from AUR?

The game itself is just a Java .jar file


I know, but it's always more convenient to have an easy to install/uninstall packagage with according .desktop file.

I've just tried with minecraft from AUR instead, which seems to be kind of working. Once started from the menu it opens a window, looks for an update, downloads something, extracts the launcher.jar and launches it, but it takes ages (maybe 15 to 20 minutes or even longer) before something happens. It's now showing the Minecraft register/login box (but I don't have an account and don't want to buy, I was just curious if it will work and is usable).

I'm now going to try freeminer next.

I'm such a newb.

So freeminer depends on irrlicht and freeminer-common and of course for both aarch64 is not set as the PKGBUILD.

I'm now trying to build irrlicht-svsfrom the AUR with modified arch, and I can see that it compiles with g++ -march=armv8-a (is that correct?).

Is there a way to globally set arch=("aarch64") for AUR builds and -march=native as compiler option?

Tried to compile freeminer for quite a while, but it finally aborted with 2 errors. Doesn't seem to be possible then. Not my lucky day, and obviously no idea what I'm doing. :wink:

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