Migration between arch base linux

Hello, I actually running the arch base Garuda linux, I want to know if is possible migrating beatwin that is and manjaro to avoid lost all mi info. or I need to install a fresh one.

It would be easier if your distro was just “arch”. Switching a Garuda installation to Manjaro would be very difficult and would result in a mess. It’s always better to start fresh…

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Thanks for you quicky response. I have another question before close this topic whit a solve flag.

It’s possible run this distro whit a integrated graphics card?
My CPU is a AMD A6 7480 whit a Radeon r5 graphic integrated, is a little more powerfull than my dedicate graphic card a Nvidia gt 710.

Sadly Garuda dosent boot whit the igpu only whit a dedicated one

I have been running manjaro with integrated graphics only…since last year…my nvidia 330 something is not so powerfull…so yes!

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Thanks a lot, I’ll install manjaro when I come back for work I’ll install this distro.

If any moderator or administrator is arroun here, please close this topic and mark this in solved!

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