Migrating from vlc-nightly=3.0.1 to vlc=3.0.1


Continuing the discussion from [Testing Update] 2018-03-11 - Haskell, Foomatic-DB, Vulkan, Rebuilds:

Initial idea would be to repackage vlc and have it replace=('vlc-nightly<4.0.0'), then later we can start building vlc-nightly=4.0.0 (should we want to).


Correct me if i wrong but the only reason because we have sterted to packaging nightly version was because the nightly version is full qt5 ported. Now i don’t see reason to continue to build nightly if is present in Aur… In this case we can rebuild our vlc series one time to replace nightly version in our pkgs… Note i don’t use vlc at all so i don’t know What do vlc 4 series…


Like Ste I remember vlc-nightly was packaged because was already in Qt5