Migrate from MATE to either i3 or KDE

Hi everyone, I’ve been using Manjaro with MATE for the past 3 months and I’ve decided that it’s not suitable for me. Specifically, the experience with multiple windows/apps open is not great with MATE;

  • I couldn’t find a way to have basic window tiling. Even when I’m using an external monitor, I can only use the mouse to get 50% split of the screen only when there’s no monitor on the side of the screen that I’m trying to split.
  • I couldn’t find any keyboard shortcuts to manipulate/resize/move windows

I’ve been using i3wm for many years in my other distro installations and I was wondering if it’s feasible to migrate from MATE to i3wm without breaking my current installation. If i3 is not feasible KDE could also be solution if that’s easier.

Thanks in advance.

So you say you have used a search engine of your choice or of Manjaro and have not found lot’s of examples of do’s and don’ts? These type of questions how to change a desktop environment have been answered for years many times. Don’t get me wrong, if you have done your research and still have a problem - you are welcome to ask. Changing a DE can cause issues between some packages which kind of overlap and do not play well together so it’s almost allways the best to backup and to re-install.


Hi Wollie and thanks for taking the time to reply to my question.

Indeed I’ve seen the “do’s and don’ts” in the search. Things change rapidly in the Linux space though and maybe the situation has changed, hence my question. Since there’s still no official way to do this I guess I’ll just have to bite the bullet and and consider reinstalling.

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Enjoy the chances of new customization, it’s like opening a present box. :tada:

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I would enjoy it if this wasn’t about my work setup. Don’t really want to spend too much time in opening such presents while working :wink:. It’s easy to go down the configuration rabbit hole and skip work.

Hey @spk

Actuallly you can do really great window tiling in MATE :wink:

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