Midnight commander sidelined?

Midnight Commander is one of the longest developed file managers and seems to be quite ubiquitous in all file manager reviews and among geeks preferences.

Yet, looking at the Manjaro repos, it doesn’t seem to attract particular attention from the packagers, with the latest version being v4.8.24 as opposed to the latest v4.8.25.

Given its popularity, I was wondering why this neglecting.

Thank YOU.

That’s not true. Look at Packages and you will see that the current version is at the testing and unstable branch. It just has not reached the stable branch.

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Hi @megavolt & @Frog,

Thank You for your prompt replies; much appreciated.

I missed to check that. Only checked the stable branch, where I’d expect to find popular software released in the previous months.

Good to know, though.

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