Microsoft Teams screen sharing

Hey there,
I have installed MS Teams from the AUR packages.
When I try to present my screen, it shows some irrelevent files that I have not opened at that moment.
Those files were opened long ago. And there is not even an option for sharing a window or entire screen.
Is there any solution?


There is more then one aur package. Depending on the one you use there might be different functions working. For reference, I use this one AUR (en) - teams and run stable gnome X11 with Nvidia drivers and I can share my screen, but no windows.

Have you checked the discussion on the AUR page of the package you are using?

@Hanzel think i have a different problem

This is behavior I can confirm and experience to. I gues they are pulled from some arbitrairy list out of the history of your apps? I’ve decided to ignore the things that don’t work/are weird/ irritate me since I use the teams client for work and rather get some work done then try figure out why when using it on Linux and a simple search does not solve it for me in 2 minutes and having to explain I use a linux client and get told to get a windows client and see if that fixes it gets real old real quick.