Microsoft Office with Manjaro 17.1?


I just seen a video someone did on Youtube that shows Microsoft Office in new release 17.1?
Really? I left Microcrap and never want anything to do with Microcrap/Windblows 10 again. Oh well, if it is in new release cant be hard to uninstall and install Libre .

I left Windblows back in March 2017. I have tried several different Distro’s before falling in love with Manjaro xfce/KDE. I have been running Manjaro as my everyday OS since April 2017. I hope Manjaro dont turn into Manjaro/Microcrap…


Can you post link to video?


Almost entirely sure a free OS isnt going to include a paid program by default even if it did run in it. Post a link so we can comment with some level of knowledge on the matter.


Anyone can install Office with Wine and make a video, it don’t come pre-installed.

It is possible to install ms-office-online which is a wrapper for the online version


Hell will freeze over before MS Office gets shipped officially with any Linux Distribution. No need to panic over some youtube clip


Yes I sure can post the link. Im going to look for it right now…Hopefully its still on youtube…


It already did.


It must be Office Online


Its at the 1:03 mark…Im not concerned about it being in there, cant be hard to uninstall, I was just very surprised to see it in there. Im sure it will be a cold day in hell before any Linux distro adds anything from Microsoft…


It is the online wrapper


the app store versions aren’t the same as the desktop builds, so it’s slushy but not frozen over just yet :wink:


I’ve installed it and it works pretty darn good, except for one thing, "open with Microsoft xxxx"doesn’t work.
It looks like Microsoft on-line requires that your documents be in your one drive, dropbox, or maybe some other online resources, to open, edit, and save files.


I have to login each time I open one of them, without the ability to stay logged in its actually less convenient than just using my browser for it. I could make shortcuts to run them borderless in a browser window to the same effect (like I have with Netflix or Amazon Video) while having it keep me logged in. Otherwise its a great thing to have

I think you are seeing the option “Open with MS xxxx” and thinking it opens local files. Its actually meant to open the file you are looking at in the web using the desktop application (if you had Windows)…presuming you are talking about what I think it is.


Huh, I know it’s hard to see since the chkbox doesn’t actually show up in the window, but it is there in the password dialog. You might need to re-login next time you reboot or log out of your DE, but that’s to be expected.

And no the links actually say open with Microsoft Word Online, etc. But I do now think this is just my DE (enlightenment, Plasma 5, LXQT, etc.) making this selection available.


Nope login thing doesnt work, asked in other thread and got this as a reply,

Well, those are launchers. You can also open one of the launchers to start with Word and then switch within that application to Excel. The menu for that is in the upper left corner. If you open a new launcher you have again to login, as it is a new session.

So in essence if you use them like separate programs, you have to login each time. For me defeats the purpose.

Ok I misunderstood about the open in option. When you open a document online at the top is an option to open it in the desktop versions (to allow all the editing features). Thought thats what you meant.


In any case the wrapper is pretty good, sure its not full MS office but handy for if you need to use MS formats for work.
Sure one can use a browser for this but this is more convenient.


Not to be argumentative, but without it keeping one logged in I dont see how it is.

The point of this is to be able to treat them like apps and by extension separate them from browser windows. The second part is accomplished which may be of some benefit. The first part however is prohibitive vs using the browser.

Take the following scenario:

Browser based (assumed we have shortcuts, desktop or in the browser):

  • Open Word online, login, check remember
  • Open Excel Online in another tab/window, use it
  • Open OneNote online in another tab/window, use it

Wrapper based:

  • Open Word, login
  • Open Excel, login again
  • Open OneNote, login a 3rd time

Thats 2 extra logins within a small window of time. If you treat them like apps/programs and open multiple documents and/or close and open as you need them you could find yourself logging in dozens of times instead of 1 time with the only benefit being they dont lump the windows with your browser too.


Well the wrapper is brand new, I know its only just recently began.
Maybe Phil can find a way to get it to keep passwords.


I hope so, like I mentioned I really like the concept and want it to work well but without keeping password I just find it prohibitive to use myself.

I am pulling myself in 2 directions. Trying to break my dependence on MS while at the same time having just gotten Office 365 (wana use what I pay for lol). Needed it for my wife and some of the more complex stuff I do cannot be done (or at least I havent the slightest idea how) in anything other than MSO.


Well if its anyone who can do it its Phil, Manjaro is his baby so any bugs that wonder into it he needs to know so hopefully he will find a way around the issue