micro-manjaro throws error at start regarding bindings.json

i hope this is the right section for this problem im facing.

im on latest manjaro 20.0.3 bspwm which ships with the text editor micro-manjaro. whenever i start micro, it throws this error.

Error reading bindings.json: invalid character '"' after object key

Press enter to continue

navigating to and opening .config/micro/bindings.json shows that there is a random "y" letter in there that doesnt belong there it seems. here the bindings.json https://hastebin.com/ucusitucop.cpp

after removing "y" and saving, the same error appears and the bindings.json reverted back to what it was, with the "y" in there again.

i have no idea what is happening here. its probably something rly obvious im missing. would appreciate if someone could help me fixing this issue.

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It's already fixed. :wink:


what does this mean for now though? do i have to wait for an update for the editor to be released or can i fix this by myself? im mostly interested in why the bindings.json keeps reverting back to what it was before after changing it.

You can edit ~/.config/micro/bindings.json to fix it. The file in the package should only be copied there from /etc/skel/.config/micro/ if it doesn't exist already.

editing bindings.json in /etc/skel/.config/micro/ solved it, ty.

Editing ~/.config/micro/bindings.json did not? :thinking:

I wouldn't edit system files that aren't backed up during a package upgrade as they'll be overwritten by the next update.

maybe i didnt make it clear, sorry. changing the ~/.config/micro/bindings.json gets reverted back to what it was before the change. thats why i was asking what to do to fix it.

That shouldn't be happening, I'll look into it.

There is a difference between the package micro and the package micro-manjaro

micro package is the standalone version of the editor - @Yochanan - so it is you who are rebuilding packages - faster than I get notified of new releases :grin:

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