Mic boost gets muted after reboot, part 2

Continuing from the discussion closed after only 3 days Mic boost gets muted after reboot:

The wiki post you linked to has good comments about resample-method settings

It is recommended to test different values on the system in question

the most powerful computers today cannot use level 10

I find even the recommendation to use speex-float-7 has a noticeable load on CPU

I am using speex-float-4 as it seems slightly better than speex-float-3
But I have sample rate locked to 48000Hz in Pulseaudio, matched to JACK
I do not hear any difference from bigger sample-rates but upsampling content to 96000 or more can cause system problems with no gain in sound quality

To play high bitrate than 48000Hz it is usually better to suspend or turn off Pulseaudio and play direct to ALSA; avoid resampling and less chance of crackling noises

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