MHWD video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-440xx-prime should not be set for older dGPUs

Some users reports issue that in default manjaro set video-hybrid-intel-nvidia-440xx-prime even for not supported HW.
For example:

Maybe MHWD can handle it for older chips, and set bumblebee automatically instead of prime OR just inform user with easy solution in Manjaro Settings Manager IF default profile set not works?


Please check with @totallynotelite

As seen in, this only happens when an intel gpu and an nvidia card with a known-good ID are detected. This ID list is from Nvidia directly and then packaged into the mhwd-nvidia-440xx package.

The only time when this can happen is when:

  1. The user installed 440xx manually
  2. The ID list is incorrect.

In my case (ASUS F555LD and NVidia GeForce 820M, so Fermi series, as FadeMind made me notice) the correct driver was NVidia 390 bumblebee, but the default driver installed was the 440 with prime.

Concerning point 2) on the NVidia website they write there that the 430 driver works fine with the GeForce 820M ( So, since my driver out of the box is the 440 and now I'm running the 390 (not experiencing any problem) I just wanted to point out the possibility that the ID list provided by NVidia could contain errors.

Same for me I have fermi 440 does not work.

I was investigating it on Arch Wiki where is link to NVIDIA generations and then I found out mine is fermi family and use 390xxx however on Manjaro 430 works too

Ok, so maybe the infos on the Nvidia website may not be misleading. However I am seeing now that the 430 comes with bumblebee, so practically there is not so much difference with the 390. As far as I have understood, a significant upgrade in performance comes by using prime or optimus instead of bumblebee. So, for our GPUs basically there's no change

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