mhwd --list-installed additional parameter

Most utilities out there separate the individual words by a - E.G.

  • dpkg --get-selections,
  • nmcli --get-values, ...

and if I don't do a history search, I always get it wrong with mhwd and end up typing:

mhwd --list-installed

It's "muscle-memory" (pun intended) :grin:

Now I do understand that for backward compatibility you need to keep listinstalled but for the next iteration can we have at least a synonym, or even better: make listinstalled the synonym and list-installed the default...

Please? Pretty please with:

:unicorn: :unicorn: :unicorn:
:rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:

-li works

Yeah: I know too many dialects of *nix to use any short parameters anywhere (have a look through my posts: I always use the long versions...)

Plus, I'm an old fart and I used to be a developer and readability trumps speed anytime, so:

inxi --full --verbosity=7


inxi -Fxxxx

Note: If anyone would ever call me and ask me what a piece of C I wrote 25 years ago would call me today and ask me what it did, I would be able to answer with just a fragment of said code, but guess what?
No one ever does, because it's very readable!

:joy: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:

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