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So, it’s been over a year scenes I released a last version of mGAMe. I was thinking about making a new version of mGAMe when I have time doing that.

But first, I need your feedback.

Do you want a Panel on Top or Bottom in Desktop Screen?

There will be some changes in mGAMe. I will be adding Cool-Retro-Term as Main Terminal. Just to make a Terminal feel like you’re using a old computer.

I will be replacing ZSNES with SNES9X for SNES Emulator. The reason why is because SNES9X supports MSU-1 which allows CD Audio and FMV in SNES Games. ZSNES does not support MSU-1. If you want me to include ZSNES along with SNES9X. With me know.

If there’s any User-Friendly Emulators I did not include in the last version of mGAMe. Please with me know.

I’ll check back your feedback when I’m ready to make a new version.

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