mGAMe 18.0.2 Released!


Hey Guys,
The new version of mGAMe was released!


  • I replaced Old Minecraft Launcher with Official Minecraft Launcher by Microsoft.
  • I added Emulator Cores for RetroArch.
  • obs-linuxbrowser was removed due to cef-minimal was too large for GitHub. Don’t worry, OBS Studio was still included in the latest version. If you want obs-linuxbrowser install to use Streamlabs Plugins on OBS Studio. Open the Terminal and enter this command.
    yay -S obs-linuxbrowser

Download Here

mGAMe Source Files on GitHub

If anyone wants to volunteer keep AUR Packages up-to-date in GitHub page. Please, with me know and I’ll give you full access to my GitHub Repo.


You went through all that trouble and didnt use the logo thats been normalized for the last … 3 or so years ?
Also … you stop by every now and again to ‘release’ these things but never offer support for the pour souls that install your ‘distro’

So … how does that work ?

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