mGAMe 18.0.1 RELEASED!



Hey guys,
I’m here to announce my latest version of mGAMe is now released to the public!

I have made some changes from previous version. I replaced XFCE Panel Dock-like into Cairo-Dock. I have moved Apps from Desktop Screen to Dock.

I made this spin to look like both Windows and MacOS Desktop combined into one.

I added more freeware games. Plus, I also finally added Nintendo 64 Emulator (think god I found GUI Version).

The ISO File Size itself was only almost 5GB. In other words, it may not fit into DVD-R Disc unless if you have a Dual Layer DVD-R Disc. I do recommend write into USB Flash Drive (if your computer supports it).

I hope you enjoy it!


EDIT: If you have previous version installed. You may not get the latest update. I changed Custom Repo from SourceForge to GitHub. Just open up Terminal and enter this command. sudo nano /etc/pacman.conf

Find mGAMe in Repo List. Then on Server, change the web address to

Then save it.

Enter this command.
sudo pacman -Syu

Then you’re all set.

If anyone wants to volunteer to keep all AUR Packages from Custom Repo up-to-date. Please, with me know and I’ll give you my permission to alter my GitHub page. No Trolls Allowed!

What's your Linux gaming status

Congrats on your edition release! I love the terminal. It looks cool, retro-ish and console-ish. However, the bottom dock is a little crowded with too many shortcuts (of course, we can change it the way we want). The login wallpaper is creepy as hell :fearful: (and we can change it as well).

Though not my type of DE, it’s still a refreshing look out there.


Hi, one question: Which Nintendo 64 emulator do you use in your spin?


Libretro group is not installed only retroarch is installed.
you should change it and
add libretro in packages-desktop instead of retroarch


Hey! Nice to see an update to this.

Can you please edit your pages to switch any mention of “Manjaro Gaming Edition” to “mGAMe” so there is no confusion over whether this is an official edition.


Any special on this distri ? Or is it an normal xfce version with an other theme and wine + playon linux and little more emulators pre installed?


Biggest draw is probably the additional repo for some gaming packages that you would otherwise need to compile from AUR.

Great job @ABOhiccups, nice that you got the repo sorted out!


Hi, one question: Which Nintendo 64 emulator do you use in your spin?

Mupen64Plus (Included with GUI Version)


Okey i have only lutris and steam on manjaro kde thats all was i ned and for other emulation the runner can i easy install with lutris. Also not rly special


Hello ABOhiccups
Thanks for your effort!
What I don’t really get about this and what made me decide to deploy mGAMe on my living room device was that it said “For Living Room Users”. On some website it said you could switch to some living room mode easily and I assumed there was some GUI to select e.g. steam in big picture mode, retroarch or kodi. Now I don’t 100% get how I am supposed to use this without keyboard and mouse. I set up autologin and connected an XBox One S gamepad, I managed to set it up with kodi and will try to set it up with RetroArch and the emulators next but I wonder if I will still need to start those applications with keyboard/mouse.

I am kind of experienced with headless linux including arch and also use manjaro on a notebook for office purposes but this is my first try on using a living room device so I don’t know the relevant application packages too well.
As you designed it “for Gamers who is new to Linux and have used Windows or MacOS before”, would you mind leading me through the first steps to get where you intended users to get? Or is there already some documentation I failed to find?

Kind regards,